About Us


Through the years, Circle has developed a quality, well-planned curriculum constructed with the developmental needs, interests and skills of the children in mind. Our daily program offers arts and crafts, drama, dance and movement activities, storytelling, organized games, music education, and out-door play.

The school provides an environment full of fun and excitement, where children live and learn together in an atmosphere where children want to learn. Children are encouraged to explore the world through their own senses and take from their environment that which is important to their particular stage of development.

We guide children in developing inner control, learned through understanding rather than through fear. Each day includes time when children practice making decisions choosing from among the various activities offered. We also set times daily for the children to be together for group activities.

Parent Involvement

We believe that parents are a child’s first and most important teacher. We offer parents guidance in understanding how children grow and learn. Circle is a bridge between the child’s place at home and his/her place in the world.

We encourage parents to participate in the school - to share their talents, hobbies, and time. Parents are welcome to volunteer for special projects or just reading a story. Throughout the year, committee positions are available for numerous events and activities, allowing parents an opportunity to be involved beyond the classroom.

Parent meetings are held on a regular basis. Attendance at these meetings allows the opportunity to communicate with the teachers regarding the school program and provides a time when issues can be raised that are important in the lives of the students.


Circle of Children Preschool is concerned with the development of the whole child: physical, mental, and emotional. Circle’s philosophy for early childhood education is based on the following concepts:

  • We believe the preschool years are fundamentally important in providing a foundation for self-esteem: cooperation, social values of sharing, and friendship: respect and understanding for others from different backgrounds: and developing a foundation for future academic achievement.
  • We believe that young children will learn best when the curriculum and activities are developmentally appropriate. Learning activities are matched with the children’s chronological and developmental age, their abilities and their interests. Classroom themes are inspired by what is happening in the world around us.
  • We believe the children develop concepts in the cultural arts, language arts, mathematics, sciences, and social studies by actively exploring, discovering, and creating through “play”.
  • We believe that the most important lesson a child can learn during their early years is that school is fun, interesting and rewarding. It is for that reason that every aspect of our day is planned to encourage each child to experience success, to develop a positive image and to help each one develop the social, emotional, physical, creative and intellectual aspects of their personalities.

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